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Muscle Medicine

Oct 29, 2020

Key Takeaways

It is possible to meet your strength goals without exhausting yourself and damaging your health. Finding the minimal effective dose and doing just what is necessary to achieve your goals will ultimately be more rewarding and sustainable.


Shouldn’t workouts make us feel our best? Yet so many result in exhaustion, burnout, and frustration. Many focus on the wrong thing. Others are based on a one-size-fits-all approach. Today’s guest strives to help her clients work out better so they can have consistent energy throughout the day.


About Adina Rubin

Adina Ruben is a nutritional therapy consultant and a medical exercise specialist. Her program, The Strong For Life Method, helps busy women stay strong and have more energy with smart workouts and real food.


Finding the Minimum Effective Dose

When working with her clients, Adina identifies the “minimal effective dose” of exercise. Many workouts just go too far. The results can lead to hormone imbalances, fatigue, and even metabolic problems. Finding just the right dose of exercise can often be the key to restoring balance.


Knowledge is Essential

Adina’s passion for educating her clients is really clear. When you have a full understanding of how your body and all its parts and systems are connected, you can begin to make the changes that you need. Listening to your body’s messages, learning to respond, and applying it all correctly is central to any workout program.

How do you listen to what your body tells you when working out? Leave a comment on the episode page!


In this episode

  • What to focus on in order to feel your best [2:50]
  • Balancing hormones through strength-training [5:50]
  • How to address an overflow of stress levels [10:00]
  • The importance of rest breaks and variability for building resiliency [13:10]
  • Barbell back squats and kettlebell swings as some of the most important exercises [21:38]
  • Educating patients to create empowerment [24:08]
  • Whether or not to adapt trainings according to age [28:12]
  • Refueling after a workout [32:08]



“How can we do less? How can we do the minimal effective dose in exercise, ‘dieting’? How can we make this the least restrictive that it needs to be to still get us to our goals?” [4:11]

“Just try eating real food - quality proteins, quality fats, and starchy carbs. I think that really makes a huge difference.” [35:36]

“Strength is important. You are stronger than you think you are and it’s okay to get stronger than that.” [37:31]



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