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Muscle Medicine

Sep 5, 2019

A lot of people talk about fascia in a lot of different disciplines. It is a crucial part of how we move and feel in our bodies, but few actually examine it from a medical point of view. However, more and more research is taking place into how our fascia works and how to best treat it to heal after an injury and reduce pain.

Dr. Antonio Stecco is an expert in the study of fascia and fascial manipulation. His organization, Fascial Manipulation®, operates all over the world and is conducting groundbreaking research and treating patients in all things fascia related.

Today, Dr. Stecco explains just what fascia is and how it’s crucially important from a medical perspective. He tells us how fascia is related to many types of pain that can often be hard to diagnose correctly. Dr. Stecco also goes over what he’s learned from recent research about the role of fascia and how to heal it after an injury.

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In this episode

  • What fascia is and how it affects all your movement
  • The relationship between fascia and pain and why many types of medical imaging can’t detect it
  • What the latest research is saying about how fascia and muscle fibers interact
  • How fascia limits range of motion when it becomes rigid and how to recover from this
  • Just how incredibly flexible and strong fascia can be 
  • Techniques for fascial manipulation and their desired outcomes
  • What the future holds in store for fascial research and treatment



“Since we know that fascia is so well integrated, we understand that it can be a clear pain generator.” [4:16]

“The area of the symptom is not the origin of the problem. It is just the area where the poor biomechanics manifests. [13:05]

“The body is able to heal a small tear if the joint works in a proper way. If it’s not working in the proper way, it will never heal. So we want to restore biomechanics.” [33:15]



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