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Muscle Medicine

Sep 27, 2018

There are countless unintended effects of the industrialization of our food. From an animal’s stress hormones to an overabundance of sulfates, all the changes in our food supply have consequences. My guest, Teri Cochrane, has come up with a fascinating, novel, and healthy approach to keeping these harmful elements out of our bodies.

Teri is a nutritional counselor and an integrative practitioner. By using muscle testing along with genetic analysis she helps her patients discover their previously unknown imbalances and take action to address them. Her book, The Wildatarian Diet, is the number one new release on Amazon and definitely worth a read.

In this episode, we discuss so-called healthy foods that can actually be harming our bodies. You may never want to eat peanut butter again after listening (Sorry!). We also talk about her particular approach to the gluten-free diet which is probably not like what you’d expect.

Teri tells us all about her Wildatarian diet and how it can help address and prevent a whole host of problems that result from the modern food chain. She even shares her seared duck recipe!

What do you do to avoid the unhealthy effects of modern agriculture? Let us know in the comments on the episode page!


In this episode

  • How the modern industrialization of agriculture has introduced many harmful chemicals into our diets
  • The role that stress plays in our body’s health
  • How you can figure out what type of Wildatarian diet is best for you
  • How to structure your diet in a wholesome and well-rounded way



“When you have an amyloid type protein, it’s misfolded, it’s less digestible, the body can’t break it down, and so it ends up accumulating in the tissue.”[2:10]

“Viruses are being turned on and off just like genes by our environment and part of that environment is our food supply.” [11:00]

“We haven't been able to adapt. Our body and our biochemistry has not caught up with our food supply, how it’s changed in the worst sort of way and also to how our lives have changed.” [12:22]

“Be your own self-advocate and listen to your body. The body has so much information to share with us and if you can tune in, you’ll be surprised at how much it’s telling you.” [27:36]



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